Eide Fjordbruk becomes a CarbonNeutral® company and launches carbon neutral salmon

Eide Fjordbruk, a family owned salmon and trout farming company on the west coast of Norway, are proud to announce that we today have achieved CarbonNeutral® company certification. To our knowledge we are the first salmon farming company to achieve this goal.

Eide Fjordbruk is a small company with a great vision: we shall set the standard for the future of aquaculture. This is a vision we take very seriously and which requires us to make commitments to sustainable and climate friendly food production. We are now officially a CarbonNeutral company, certified in accordance with The CarbonNeutralProtocol, the global standard for carbon neutral programs.

Our journey to becoming carbon neutral started in 2016 when we made a commitment to electrify all our salmon farms, a process that has significantly reduced our scope 1 emissions. Earlier this year we took further steps towards reducing our carbon emissions across scope 1, 2 and 3. We decided that we will electrify our boats, we buy only local hydroelectric power and we reduce the emissions from feed and feed ingredients by eliminating the use of Brazilian soy from our salmon feed. We also prepared our first GHG Accounts based on the GHG Corporate standard in order to reliably track and measure our progress.

Working with third-party climate finance experts, Natural CapitalPartners, Eide Fjordbruk now takes another leap by offsetting our remaining, unavoidable emissions by supporting carbon finance projects which positively impact local communities and nature. All the projects are subject to independent expert review to ensure that the projects meet the highest standards (ICROA approved) and result in verifiable and permanent emission reductions. At the moment we support the following two projects:

Forest protection and clean cookstoves in Malawi: Through the combination of forest protection and the distribution of clean cookstoves, the project is using carbon finance to deliver significant emissions reductions, protect an important area of biodiversity value, and address the health risks of indoor air pollution.

Wetland enhancements and clean energy: This award-winning project has created almost 420 acres of new wetlands, established an environmental education centre and generates electricity from landfill gas (LFG) to power 18,000 homes.

In addition to this we are going one step further. We believe that the food for the consumer of tomorrow should be carbon neutral. We will therefore also supply carbon neutral salmon. The CarbonNeutral product will be offered to selected customers. When you buy this salmon we have already offset not only all our own emissions, but all carbon emissions in the life cycle of the salmon from eggs to harvested salmon based on the requirements of TheCarbonNeutral Protocol. You can read more about the life cycle emissions of our salmon in our GHG Accounts.

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