Chapter ①

About us

In addition to reading our CEO letter of the year you can here read about our strategic foundation and how we worked with our stakeholders to define the most important areas for sustainability reporting.

Our legacy

The Eide family has a long tradition for food production that dates back to the 17th century. For 50 years we have been part of and contributors to the growth and development of the salmon farming industry. We have always and will continue to have, a long-term approach.

Our vision

«To set the standard for the future of aquaculture»

Our strategic base and foundational values

Our promises and goals on sustainability

To achieve our ambitious vision of setting the standard for the future of aquaculture it is important with goals to measure our direction and progress. We have identified different goals and focus areas within our four F’s and pillars; Fish, Folk, Fjord and Future. The goals reflect how we work every day to improve our operations and how this also contribute to the UN SDG’s.

Our materiality matrix on sustainability reporting

Together with our internal and external stakeholders we have mapped the most important risks and focus areas related to our operations and business. The answers are based on surveys completed in 2020 and the results range form 1 (least important) to 5 (most important).

Our stakeholders and our dialogue with them

Maintaining good fish health and welfare is important to all our stakeholders, so is avoiding work-related crime. Our external stakeholders care more about discharge of nutrients and content of environmental toxins than our internal stakeholders, while they find shareholder returns less important.

CEO Sondre Eide on the future of aquaculture