In the story of Eide Fjordbruk, it is our staff and the local community who are the heroes.


Our philosophy is simple: Happy fish are tasty fish. And the people working here are the guarantors that the fish are happy, which in turn ensures a good local community with safe jobs.

The people

The people working at Eide are our backbone. Their concern is for the fish, each other and the value of safe jobs. The Eide family run the company with a generational perspective. This means that everything we do shall help create a healthy, long-term, sustainable business.


Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Sustainability and Financial Officer
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Chief Analytics Officer
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Public Relations
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Office Manager
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IT Manager
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Project Coordinator
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HR Manager
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Business Development Manager
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Production Manager, Seafood
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Production Manager, Smolt
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Chief Technology Officer
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Quality Manager
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Head of Automation and Electronics
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Operational Manager
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Operational Manager
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Operational Manager
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Operational Manager
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Operational Manager
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Operational Manager
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Our history

The Eide family have a tradition in food production dating back to the 1600s. For nearly 50 years, we have been involved in developing the Norwegian fish farming industry. Our perspective has always been long term, and so it shall continue.
The Salmon Eye visitor centre was a reality. Initially the application was rejected, but after updating the concept and adjusting the application, the government made a new assessment. On 12 June 2019, we received the positive message that Eide Fjordbruk had the “green light” to go ahead with the spectacular visitor centre concept. Salmon Eye will be located at Hågardsneset near Rosendal in Western Norway. The purpose of the visitor centre is to give an objective presentation of the net footprint for seafood production, including positive and negative footprints. The plans are to open the centre in the spring/summer of 2021.
In 2018, Eide Fjordbruk is nominated and named Gazelle of the Year in Hordaland County, and as winner for Hordaland, the company is nominated for Gazelle of the Year for Norway. In competition with a number of outstanding gazelle companies in the entire country, Eide Fjordbruk wins the prize as Gazelle of the Year for Norway. The business newspaper Dagens Næringsliv has named Norwegian gazelle companies since 2003. In the summer of 2018, Eide Fjordbruk buys just over 80% of the shares in the hatchery facility Lialaks AS in Solund Municipality. Eide Fjordbruk owns and continues to operate the facility together with brothers Svein and Arvid Lien. Svein Lien continues as Managing Director of Lialaks after Eide Fjordbruk becomes majority owner. On 12 November 2018, owner, Managing Director and fish farm founder Knut Frode Eide passed away at only 59 years of age, following an eight year long battle with brain cancer. For over 30 years, Knut Frode developed Eide Fjordbruk from a small moonlight business to a company with a turnover of hundreds of millions and activity in many different municipalities. In many ways, Eide Fjordbruk was Knut Frode’s life. It is an enormous loss to the family, the business and staff that Knut Frode passed away at such a young age.
Managing Director Knut Frode Eide is named Person of the Year for the seafood industry in 2017. The winner is named following a vote by the entire seafood industry. The award is given to a candidate who has done well for his/her own business as well as for the broader community. In the awards ceremony, emphasis is given to the openness in his own business and work, as well as the candidate’s contribution to increasing the reputation of the industry. The jury’s reasoning gives special emphasis to the fact that Knut Frode has always been “ahead of his time”, and that he and his company have created valuable jobs for the local community. In 2017, Eide Fjordbruk begins developing a unique pilot project in digitisation. The project is carried out together with the Trondheim-based company Searis AS. It is a data platform that is currently being developed, with the product name Clarify. This new data platform will facilitate discussion between experts in order to turn data into wise decisions and thereby improve the operation of fish farms.
The 29th of March 2016 will go down in the company’s history books as one of its best days ever. After a year-long conflict with the government, Eide is granted compensation for seafood licences which Eide and Fyllingsnes should have received in 2009. The company now has eight commercial seafood licences in addition to one R&D licence, and is thereby well equipped for future growth as a seafood manufacturer.


All of Eide’s business operations, from the smolt facility at Støa to the nettings in the fjords, are designed to live in harmony with nature and to secure long-term sustainability.
We are at nine locations in the Hardanger and Nordhordland regions of Western Norway. What all of these have in common are the unique fjords and Western Norwegian nature. The combination of warm water from the Atlantic Ocean, meltwater from the mountains and fresh Norwegian air make the Western Norwegian fjords the best place to live for both fish and people—in our opinion, at least.